First Class Collection has been designed with YOU in mind; as it represents a unique quality and versatility making it more than a brand but a lifestyle. And we all know that your lifestyle begins with a thought, an establishing of goals that once achieved creates an individual level of success that can not be duplicated or measured.

The roman numerals mean “1993.” This represents both the founders starting year and the millennial demographic.  The idea behind the brand was to create dope ass pieces that could be worn in various ways. If you had to categorize it: it's athleisure wear at its finest.

Founded in 2017, First Class Co. was brought to life by a young millennial who didn’t want their clothing to be labeled in a specific category. “If you were to go to a clothing store you wouldn’t see First Class in just one section. You’d see it all over the store because my pieces can be worn in every category. – Sydni Allyse

If you like what you see then you buy what you like and we hope you enjoy the First Class Collection experience!