First Class Collection

The Baecation



You and BAE want a LUXURY vacation experience!

What's included:

  1. 1 Destination
  2. Accommodations(3 choices)
  3. Flight Search
  4. Excursions
  5. Dinner Reservations booked on your behalf
  6. Private Transfers (upgraded airport pickup) booked on your behalf
  7. For up to 2 people (one couple)

*This package comes with itinerary planning complimentary. Please purchase the Elite Package separately for an extensive luxury experience. 

*Please note we will upgrade your transfers from shared/basic to private luxury. This cost will be included in your vacation quote. We will provide you with a luxury company to purchase at your leisure.

*Some restaurants, such as on site dining at resort, require reservations to be booked on site. We are able to book reservations off of the resort premises. 

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