The Best Travel Hacks

  1. Plan whatever you can beforehand, don't wait for the last moment, as you visiting an unknown place. You can land in unwanted trouble. So be prepared and gain information about the place you are visiting.
  2. Do not over pack, carry what you are actually going to wear or use and stick to it.
  3. Don't spend unnecessarily, you are out to travel rather focus on experiences, creating memories, talking to localites.
  4. Focus creating images in your head rather than wasting time clicking alot of pictures and then you have to waste time selecting best ones.
  5. Look for exposure, trying new things, overcoming fears, discussing vulnerabilities.
  6. Try keeping your demands and expectations low, don't create an unnecessary scene regarding services and quality etc. Try catch the mood not spoil the mood. You are not at the comfort of your house, you are out to explore try coming out of your nest of comfort.
  7. Bargain where ever you can as tourist places already hike up prices for everything.
  8. Keep limited cash with you.
  9. Eat local food, at those small popular eating joints.
  10. Always drink clean filtered water, water borne diseases are common after travel.